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 Prior to the establishment of Aria felez nab Co this complex was established as Anzari Trading in 1992 and began its activity by importing pure Aluminum Ingot and range of aluminum scrape and other color metals from middle Asia ,Persian Gulf region. In the direction of Policies of the Org.
Management and because of lack of Alloy Ingot Producing companies and regarding the demand of state market and industry
we took step for the establishment of Aluminum Alloy Casting Co that this Business appeared with the trade name of Aria felez in 2003 and the relevant machinery have been purchased and will be assembled at the location of the factory soon and the production of range of Alloyed Aluminum ingot (according to the standard of Iran &   E urope) Aluminum cone and hemispheroid and continuous Rod will be commenced.
This factory will have the annual production capacity of 2500 TN and the production will be according to the world standards.
The  manufacturing unit of this Co is located At Km 10 of Tabriz – Tehran road with the area 40,000 sq.m  and 12000 sq.m production salon. along with the assembling the equipments  of alloy and equipped lab with producing and by applying modern technology and the specialized human resource for supplying the local demand for Aluminum and exporting abroad the extra production our Co will take an effective step in the development of domestic industries .this Co will product elements including amizhen copper ,Aluminum ,Manyazium ,Nicle  etc in induction furnace and Rorber  furnace of 10 and 25 TNs  by using pure aluminum 99.7% and amizhen and annually will produces 12000 TN of production by benefiting the co-operation of experienced engineers and by applying the lab.
Equipped with metallography for the control of the quality to which it has been paid a lot of attention and it produces and packs alloy in mechanized method and we sell  it to the domestic markets  and export it to foreign markets. we have the honor of receiving Grade B from the  manufactures such as irankhodrow at  present Aria felez nab Co has been able to supply a great amount of demands of manufacturers including irankhodrow, Sapco, Megamotor, Atlas pump,Idem,Motogen and great steel producers such as Foulad mobarakeh of Isfahan, Foulad  khouzestan by producing 12000 TNs of aluminum alloy per year. regarding the increasing demand for aluminum alloys and the necessity of accomplishing superior quality in presenting production, Aria felez nab Co has set quality the imitation of its production and by applying modern equipments and benefiting from specialist and experienced human resource  we have succeeded in producing range of aluminum alloys.